Dungeons of Aether

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Dungeons of Aether is a turn-based dungeon crawler designed by Nikita ‘ampersandbear’ Belorusov from the Aether Studios team. Rivals of Aether is known for its intense competition and twitch skills, while Dungeons of Aether allows you to take things at your own pace - but it’s still just as challenging!

Every choice you make can lead you deeper into the dungeons or to an early demise. Will you carry out a treasure chest, or be carried out in a pine box?


Developer: Aether Studios
Location: Seattle, WA
Release Date: February 28, 2023

Website: https://DungeonsOfAether.com/
Social: https://twitter.com/StudiosOfAether
Contact: contact@aetherstudios.com

PAX West Demo Trailer


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Download All These (+more!)